How to mod a game in less than 2 minutes

game modding stepsWhen you mod a game, you simply made a modification of some properties. It is not always best to do it if you are not a developer. But with the right step, you can do a simple one in less than 2 minutes. It won’t be vast like those ones found on popular games like subway surfers, candy crush and many others.
If you want to do much more, you should search for online platforms like the one on this premium site for robux generator online. The information shared there is about a site that modifies the game item.
But, if your intention is to adjust simple stuffs, keep on reading.

PC game owner hate when people modify their game. They are always ready to sue you if you try to sell or ask for donation. Most times, they might decide to tell you to shut down even if it’s for free. Nevertheless, thousands of such exist on the internet. You must only do it for yourself and not for friends or anyone you know. If they want to implement it on theirs, refer them to this article, let them read how to do it correctly.

Before I write more on this information, I am not going to be held for whatever issue you encounter. This post is just for the purpose of learning. So, try if you like and comment if it works for you.

To mod any game without additional apps, you should do this;

    1. Find the installed game folder on your PC. You can do that by going to Local Disk -> Program Files
    2. Back up the entire folder. You can do that by copying and pasting everything on another directory.
    3. Locate config.ini in main folder. Then use notepad to open it. You should look closely to stuffs written there. Edit to your own very advantage.
    4. Find images in their respective folders and replace them with whatever you like. Make sure the one you use as the same format with the original one.
    5. Identify and sound or music file, and then replace them with your own. They are usually in .mp3, .wav and .ogg format.

After all those five basic steps, start the game and see if there are any changes. If you encounter issues with your settings, just recheck the configuration file. Maybe you didn’t enter the right value on it. The same should be done on issues on pictures and sound.

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